Muay thai boxing and clothes

Published: 28th July 2009
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Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai Boxing may seem like one of the most cruel sports known to man however with the proper workout one can become disciplined and actually control anger with this martial arts style fighting.

Thaiboxing descended from old Thailand in which they use to fight to the death or near death because there were no time limits, no gloves and basically no rules. This went on for thousands of years until approximately 50 years ago when it became more popular and spread throughout the world and became more regulated by adding time limits, uniforms like shorts and thaiboxing gloves.

Muay Thai Boxing is different than normal boxing or other forms of martial arts because one uses a combination of eight different parts of the body to defend against opponents. They may use their hands, covered with a boxing glove; their legs, usually wrapped with an ankle wrap; their shins, for which they can use shin guards and their head, for which there is specially made headgear which is also available for optimal protection.

The silk boxing shorts for Thaiboxing come in a variety of designs but are all basically the same shape. They have a broad, elastic waistband to make sure the silk shorts hold during the heavy fighting and techniques Thai Boxing requires. The legs of the Muay Thai Boxing shorts flare out in an A line similar to an A line skirt that women wear in order to keep the shorts from sticking to their legs and give the boxers more room to move around.

Thaiboxing shorts such as Windy Boxing Shorts, Twins Special Shorts, Raja Boxing Shorts and Top King Shorts complete the outfit of a Muay Thai Boxing champion or someone who just learnspractices the art of Muay Thai Boxing. You can find these muay thai shorts on the web through specialized companies, many of them located in Thailand, which will ship directly to you or the training camp where you work out.

Many would think that Muay Thai Boxing is a men's sport, however many girls take part in in Muay Thai as well because it is a very good cardiovascular workout for your heart, your muscles, your bones as well as your mind.

Women will wear the same Muay Thai Boxing shorts that men wear; they just need to add a T-shirt to complete the outfit. The construction of the Muay Thai Boxing shorts allow them to be interchangeable between the sexes and allow plenty of room to move around without bunching or getting in the way of the movements required to beat your opponent.

Both men and women can order various designs of the Thaiboxing shorts or custom design their own Muay Thai Boxing shorts. Many of the Muay Thai Boxing shorts feature variations of a tiger, a mighty fighting symbol on the front of the shorts. By designing your own you can come up with your own design that may or may not have anything to do with Thailand.

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